Case Yousician / Work retreat in Curacao

Yousician is a Finnish tech company, with exceptional company culture. Their annual tradition is to take their 100+ people staff on one-month work retreat in some tropical destination. Villada helped Yousician organizing their off-site working period in Curacao, in the Caribbean. The trip was build around 4-star beach resort, where accommodation and working facilities were customized according to company's needs and wishes.

4-week Work retreat in Curacao

"The office set up at the conference room was very good, as well as the network infrastructure, the resort personnel was very helpful and attentive. Our contact person was a great help with everything and acted very quickly upon every single request I had and resolved issues very fast.

I was positively surprised. Hotel reception staff was also amazing, they are doing a very good job there. All in all, happy with the level of service we received.

The island has European vibe and locals are nice and friendly. The ocean is the most interesting part of the island - boat trips, snorkelling, diving, spending time at the beach are the most fun things to do there.

I've heard multiple comments that it was the best YEdu so far, I’d like to believe that. The team and our management have been overall very happy with this year’s work retreat and all related organisational and logistical matters. I’d call it a success :-)

Thank you once again Tommi, I’m glad we made this work and you’ve been a great help in communication with the resort. Absolutely happy about the search process as it simplified my life considerably. In the summer I spoke with another resort alongside with ours and must say that eventually ours was definitely the best choice on the island."

- Andrew Kolokolnikov, Talent Business Partner, Yousician